Real leadership is a challenge.


You have more responsibility and less direct control - and, if you’re a woman, a tight-rope to walk.

Do you have enough influence across the organization?

In a world where companies are flatter and leaner, where a matrix structure means having more than one boss, where managing outside contractors and global outsourcing adds to the challenge, leaders and their teams are pulled in many directions with conflicting and changing priorities. As a result, there is increasing frustration, wasted time, and inefficient work.

67% of Senior Leaders report misaligned priorities as a key challenge to their leadership.

*Survey of 294 leaders in firms with revenues between $7B and $150B.

We help forward-thinking leaders strengthen their influence across the organization for accelerated growth.

Science tells us the most successful leaders are emotionally-intelligent change agents. Rather than trying to get more out of people by being demanding or, worse yet, taking on more work themselves, the best leaders use their personal brand of influence to create accelerated change so their people are more connected to them and take more ownership, their senior leadership invests in them, and, their peers offer more support.

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