Success Stories

We are honored to work with these leaders--to be a part of their gaining recognition by transforming themselves, their teams and their companies.


This tech savy senior leader was brought in to be a change agent for a Fortune 100 firm. She had all the right technical skills and the moxy, too.

The challenge for her was managing the organizational political system—as a newly appointed senior leader, she didn’t know the key players and their priorities, nor those outside the formal structure that held heavy sway.

With our work together, she cultivated allies across the organization and avoided land mines while enrolling their support and got more budget for the change initiatives. As a result of our successes, she took over an even larger part of the organization with more sweeping impact.

The firm was growing fast under the leadership of this charismatic and visionary CEO but the bottom line was still flat. While gifted with inspiration, holding others accountable was not his strength.

Unbeknown to him, his team was rife with in-fighting. There were excesses in several business lines--and, one consequence--he appeared to be playing favorites.

In our partnership, we re-designed the organizational structure, provided accountability and built leadership capability, resulting in a more efficient and highly productive cohesive senior leadership team. The firm doubled their profitability in the three-year period of our initial engagement with them.



This intelligent, strategic and hard-working VP leader was well-respected. Known for straight talk and focusing on business priorities, he had many successes to his credit.

Still, when it came to senior leadership, he was not well known. In management meetings, he spoke only when necessary—his executive presence was more wall flower than wow-factor. While his humility had served him well, senior leaders didn’t really know him and where he stood on issues.

Together, we created a nuanced approach for engagement in top management meetings that fit both his style and created a spotlight for his views that attracted the attention of senior leaders. As a result, he developed more creditability and his capacity was revealed, ultimately, leading to his promotion in this professional services firm.

A newly promoted PhD scientist-leader replaced an outgoing, dynamic operational leader in this 2000+ employee bio tech facility. With her more introverted style, the direct report team complained her leadership was lacking.

Working together, we adapted her approach to the role which required a much bigger presence—and—still remained true to her unique way of leading emphasizing the science, systems, and personal connection.

Her direct report team stepped up to even more leadership and the overall employee workforce survey had the highest on-record engagement scores.



At this Fortune 100 telecommunications firm, technology was the only focus of the work,

What they lacked—emotional intelligence in connecting to their peers and direct report teams.

In our workshop, we provided tools, strategy and practice—to result in 94% of leaders saying they would recommend this training to others.

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