We accelerate growth for executives, teams and companies

so they get more recognition by having better results, increased engagement, stronger connections and more innovative work.


Developing Teams

We increase team agility through greater clarity, engagement and trust.

Team Development Process

1 Create Inclusion

Our first action is to create a sense of “we” through a shared framework and strategy that compel others on-board—even those outside of your direct reports.

2 Establish Agreement

Strong teams have clear agreements, processes and accountabilities. We help build those even when lines of authority are fuzzy.

3 Strengthen Connections

Effective teams have a comfortable rapport, there is trust and open communication. We strengthen channels for relating.

As we develop the team, trust is stronger.

Team metrics—efficiency, results—improve.

Pivot Points for Team Development

  • Global and geographically distributed teams
  • New team members or team leader
  • Merging teams
  • Significant client set back or disappointing results
  • Team cohesion issues

Sharing a Team’s Success

The firm was growing fast under the leadership of this charismatic and visionary CEO but the bottom line was still flat. While gifted with inspiration, holding others accountable was not his strength. Unbeknown to him, his top leadership team was rife with in-fighting. There were excesses in several business lines and, one consequence--he appeared to be playing favorites. In our partnership, we re-designed the organizational structure, provided accountability and built direction through strategic planning, resulting in a more efficient and highly productive cohesive senior leadership team. The firm doubled their profitability in the three-year period of our initial engagement with them.





Developing Leadership : Executive Coaching

We create increased awareness and embed new behaviors so you, as a leader, have more influence across the organization.

Customized executive coaching process

1 Assess

Using quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tools, we develop your unique Leadership Snapshot. We establish baselines, define the issues, identify areas for leverage and set benchmarks for improvement.

2 Challenge

We work on your inner game—your mindset, emotional blocks--your outer game --what you say and do and how you do it—as well as the organizational eco-system—managing upwards, peers, and internal clients. We stretch outside your comfort zone.

3 Sustain

We help measure and sustain gains in capacity and further embed in support.

At the end of a coaching engagement you can count on real change that’s noticed and recognized by you and the important people around you.

Pivot Points for Executive Coaching

  • New Role/Expanded Responsibility
  • High Potential
  • De-Railer: Leadership Difficulties
  • Leader Transition
  • Taking on a Big Challenge

hand shake with blue skies

Sharing an Executive’s Success

This tech savvy senior leader was brought in to be a change agent for a Fortune 100 firm. She had all the right technical skills and the moxy, too. The challenge for her was managing the organizational political system—as a newly appointed senior leader, she didn’t know the key players and their priorities, nor those outside the formal structure that held heavy sway. With our work together, she cultivated allies across the organization and avoided land mines while enrolling their support and got more budget for the change initiatives. As a result of our successes, she took over an even larger part of the organization with more sweeping impact.

Some reasons to work with Camala Carly Boyce

Increase Your Visibility & Executive Presence

Have more voice and more impact at senior leadership meetings; Manage your manager and other senior relationships--so you are best positioned for advancement while maneuvering the corporate landscape.

Expand Your Influence Across the Organization

Increase alignment on priorities and accountability with cross-functional peers resulting in more efficiency and less conflict.

Increase Connection & Engagement

Create stronger connections with your Directs so that they feel more engaged, inspired, and take on more responsibility.

Renew & Re-Charge

Make the most of your time away from work; whether it's 5 minutes or a 5-day PTO, learn how to really unplug and recharge.


Developing Culture & Capacity in Organizations

In our consulting and workshops, we share a systematic set of strategies and practices to build more capacity and competence in key leadership arenas.

Six of Our Most Popular Workshops

1 Conflict Resolution: Mastering Difficult Conversations to have more Influence
2 Talent Management Design & Facilitation
3 Team Member Style: Increased team relationships and understanding
4 Strategic Planning Sessions
5 Emotional Intelligence: Harnessing the Power of Emotions for Leadership Impact
6 Build Your Own

Our sessions are interactive, data-based and practical. The result is real learning that lasts.

Pivot Points for Developing Culture & Organizational Capacity

  • Culture change is a key priority
  • Senior Leaders are building further capacity
  • A feature of Leadership Development Programs for Top Talent
  • Following Annual Talent Reviews
  • In the midst of significant organizational changes

Sharing a Workshop Success Story

At this Fortune 100 telecommunications firm, technology was the only focus of the work. What they lacked—emotional intelligence in connecting to their peers and direct report teams. In our workshop, we provided tools, strategy and practice. The result - 94% of leaders saying they would recommend this training to others.

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